Monday, 28 May 2007

from Search For My Pudding

You ask me what I mean
by saying I don’t know the word
for what comes after the main meal,
I ask you, what would you say
if you had three tongues in your mouth
and the first one called it pudding
and the second one called it dessert
and the third one doesn’t care what you call it as long as it gets to taste the bloody thing.
Sweet is an alternative
but sounds like your nanna avoiding saying pudding
in a cafe in Rhyll.
Afters is simply a shamefaced euphemism.
One could simply say
“Have we got anything else?”
but that makes you sound like
some arrogant wife-beater.

If I say dessert,
I feel like a Volvo driver.

I’ll try to spit it out
(If that’s the right phrase
when you’re talking about food...)

лПהח כװף ئعك лфש صغى

(mamis thureni puddin?)*

Really I couldn’t care less if anyone thought
I was muck for saying pudding it’s
just a trifle
annoying if they think you’re
saying pudding to prove a point
pretending to work down a pit, or

*A phrase I have often overheard. The usual reply is “Not until you have eaten the main course, my child.”

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